We treat every customer as we would treat ourselves.

We will help you to fulfill your personal dream of a beautiful smile. We have developed a sophisticated concept, which enables us to respond to your individual needs and offer tailor made solutions. You as a person are important to us, so our primary concern is your personal consultation and warm service.
From the photo, to the free Twinsmile check. From the recommendation to the cosmetic test drive with Testeneers®. To the decision towards a lasting change.
Go the safe way with Twinsmile!

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Advice and recommendation

The Twinsmile check is the first step towards your smile. With this app, as part of our free initial consultation, we make you an expert.
Our process always starts with a cup of coffee and a photo of your current smile. Using key features, such as the "smile lines", we will analyse your current dental situation.
The Twinsmile check is available as a free service exclusively from our authorized partners.
Try it without obligation!

Test and experience

The teeth are the calling card of the face and shape the overall appearance. But who would dare to carry out permanent dental work, without knowing in advance what it will look like?
Our Testeneers® allow you to test the effect of your new smile without any dental treatment. Exclusively developed by us for you, our Testeneers® give you a smile to take away and test.
Simple and effective in an instant - from one day to the next radiate and impress with your new smile. Now test your new look! Enjoy your new carefree smile! Try it and you will be amazed!

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Easy to use and gentle correction

Many people want to have not only healthy, but also straight teeth. Wearing fixed braces as an adult presents an aesthetic hurdle.
Especially made for adults, we provide you with the Twinsmile liner - an ideal solution for discrete dental correction. These clear, removable plastic tracks are tailor made for you and are almost invisible on your teeth. Through different phases, this gentle and elegant orthodontic treatment brings your teeth into the desired position.
The Twinsmile liner improves your smile quickly, reliably and comfortably, while barely affecting your daily life.

Technical know-how and innovative technologies

With the Twinsmile Forever products, a permanent change in your teeth will be achieved through a personalised treatment program, offering you the best possible solution for every situation. You will benefit from our profound expertise and over 25 years of practical experience. Our products are made in Germany and are produced exclusively in leading German master laboratories.
Through our technical expertise, our artistic skills and the most advanced methods, we will make your dream of beautiful teeth come true.