Advice and recommendation

The Twinsmile check is the first step towards your new smile. With this app, as part of our free initial consultation, we make you an expert. Our approach always starts with a cup of coffee and a photo of your current smile. Then we analyse the harmony of your current dental situation. Next we present you with the various options for improvement.
Here you will see how even smallest adjustments will change your smile positively. The result of the Twinsmile checks, as well as your wishes and ideas are combined to create the optimal basis for further actions.

Free advice

Upload an image and receive analysis from us

You can use our free Twinsmile check service online. We offer you the opportunity - through the submission of a photo, to receive an aesthetic analysis of your current dental situation.
When taking the photo, you should proceed as follows:

  • Stand upright.
  • Keep your head straight and look into the center of the lens.
  • Focus the camera on the entire face
  • Keep your eyes open and smile as wide as possible, so that the upper and lower teeth are clearly visible.

Upload Picture

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