Easy to use and gentle correction

Tilted, rotated or protruding teeth affect your appearance and wellbeing. The ability to regulate teeth and correct misalignments exists, not only in children, but also in adults. For mild misalignments of the anterior teeth, the Twinsmile liner provides you with an ideal solution. These clear, removable plastic tracks are tailor-made for you and are almost invisible on your teeth.
With this mild orthodontic correction, your teeth are brought gently into the desired position. Our virtual, three-dimensional plan shows you the sequence of tooth movement during treatment. This way, you’ll see in advance how your perfect smile will look. With a treatment period of just 12 weeks, the standard set to take away includes 9 tracks.
The Twinsmile liner embellishes your smile quickly and reliably, with minimal affects to your daily life.

With Twinsmile Care you get the optimal care for your Twinsmile products.