Test and experience

You try on clothes before buying them. You test drive a new car. And your new smile? Why should that be any different? Just as your face shape and the colour of your eyes are, your smile is something completely individual.
Testeneers® allow you to experience the effect of your new smile before undertaking a dental treatment. We lighten the decision making process.
Test the effect of your new smile! Make an "aesthetic test drive"!

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Your new look

Same day – New smile

Try your non-binding new look, actively enjoy your new carefree smile and show it off to your partner, your friends and your family.
Testeneers® are individually tailor made for you from an ultra-thin, long-life durable plastic to form a shell with an extremely exacting fit. The application process is much like applying contact lenses to your own teeth, affixed by means of a water-soluble gel.
Testeneers® perfect your tooth shape and colour, close gaps and cover up misaligned teeth. They create stunning results with their aesthetically perfect look. The special feature here is that the teeth do not have to be pretreated!
From one day to the next, Testeneers® give you a beautiful, bright smile.

Your piece of jewelry - beautiful teeth

An overwhelming result

Testeneers® can be worn at any time, all the time. The application takes less than a minute and the transformation is complete in moments. Just as you would wear beautiful jewelry or fashionable glasses - simply wear them when you want to improve your look.
On special occasions, you can show off your smile for: pictures, a wedding, job interview or even a night out... your new smile is an eye-catcher and will improve your confidence. You’ll look younger, fresher and instantly appealing. When you take the Testeneers® off again, everything is as it was - just not as beautiful. Do you like your new smile?
We will accompany you on your way to permanent care. We want to give you what you deserve - a beautiful smile.

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